PreciTaste Helps Food Businesses Spot COVID Symptoms at the Door with the AI Welcome Center Kiosk

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

PreciTaste has created a cost-effective, user-friendly health-check kiosk: the AI Welcome Center. Keeping up with the quick-pace of food businesses, the Welcome Center is perfect for near-term economic recovery and long-term exposure prevention across a wide variety of business models, including QSRs, grocery retail, and industrial food processing plants. The system is available today as a standalone unit or as an add-on to PreciTaste's family of products.

How the Welcome Center Delivers

PreciTaste's AI Welcome Center screens potential COVID carriers to minimize the chances of outbreaks. The AI Welcome Center guides users through an anonymous contactless screening in just seconds. The kiosk scans users for elevated body temperatures and checks for protective face masks. Users can sign up for contact tracing alerts while owners and managers are kept in the know through automatic daily health reports.

The AI Welcome Center is available for order starting at just $9/day/device. It fits seamlessly into existing operations by being easy to install (just plug in a power cord), not requiring any training, and being remotely, automatically maintained. The AI Welcome Center integrates seamlessly with PreciTaste's family of solutions, including occupancy management that monitors the number of customers in a restaurant to ensure compliance with local regulation, and options for production management that drives faster service times. Extensions for the AI Welcome Center, such as customer check-in, delivery driver order pickup, integration with ERP systems, and more are expected in the second half of 2020.

The system's key advantage is PreciTaste's experience delivering technology and value to food businesses. The Welcome Center shares software components with these other extremely high speed and high-reliability environments, most significantly its AI vision system, and works completely offline to maximize speed and minimize data or network risks. The AI vision system also drives value, reducing the cost of temperature sensing components by 10X.

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