• Power Users

    Not all foodservice operations are created equal. For some companies, high transaction volume, a large number of point-of-sale terminals, and complex orders necessitate a powerful POS with all the frills. HT talks to some of these power users to find out what they need to keep up and running.
  • Point of Maximum Return

    A point-of-sale system represents a huge investment for many companies, yet most fail to use even a fraction of the systems' capabilities. That relegates POS squarely to the expense category, when full use of the software and hardware they've bought can make POS a revenue-generator.
  • Order and Out

    Your guests may be ready for self-service, but are you? According to Self-Service Takes Off, the Hospitality Industry Self-Service Technology Study (the study can be accessed and downloaded at htmagazine.com), consumers interest in self-service options at quick-service restaurants is growing, even as interest lags among restaurateurs.
  • The Sky is the Limit

    Wireless point of sale pushes into uncharted territories
  • Impact Printers

    With the many elements it takes to operate a successful hospitality enterprise, the printer doesn't always come first to mind. But the right match of printer to application can give a bustling business just the edge it needs to boost productivity, sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Technology To Go

    Trends in the restaurant industry reveal a growing consumer demand for take-out/to-go options from casual dining and fast-food establishments; a market that accounted for 58 percent of total restaurant traffic in 2001, according to the National Restaurant Association. From wireless networks to online ordering, technology continues to play a critical role in meeting customer expectations for greater efficiency and speed.
  • Peripheral No More

    Printers, biometric readers and other add-ons become the focus of better service and improved efficiency
  • Point of Return

    Restaurants balance form and function to get the right return on their POS systems
  • Live from NRF 2012: Microsoft Showcases How Technology Can Help Retailers and Customers Alike

    Microsoft executives will lead education sessions in NRF’s BIG !deas Boulevard. The company also will highlight how new technologies and its broad ecosystem of partner solutions can help retailers.
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