Purple Cafe Selects Squirrel for New Bellevue & Seattle Operations

Purple Cafe owner Larry Kurofsky selects SquirrelOne for his three new operations in Washington state's Bellevue Towers and for his new Capitol Hill location in Seattle.

Larry and Tabitha Kurofsky, who already owns three Seattle-area Purple Cafe and Wine Bar restaurants using the SquirrelOne Restaurant Management System, saw the benefits of extending their use of Squirrel Systems' products to the new restaurants.

"Since we first started working with Squirrel Systems, their products have proved to be an excellent fit for Purple Cafe and Wine Bar," says Larry Kurofsky. "Our operations are complex and SquirrelOne handles it all flawlessly. When we started to plan for our new restaurants there was no question about our system selection."

The new restaurants will use the latest version of SquirrelOne for point of sale with fully integrated electronic payment processing through Heartland Payment Systems and Valutec Card Solutions Inc. for gift card processing. Staff will clock in and out through the POS terminals with Squirrel's Time & Attendance module.

Since Purple Cafe initially implemented SquirrelOne in 2006 they have been using Squirrel's Corporate POS Manager for centralized management of the multiple store databases. This product will now extend to the new restaurants. Corporate POS Manager facilitates the synchronization of new menu and configuration changes and enables the unattended transmission of transactional data to the corporate office while still giving managers the flexibility to customize both menu and pricing for their individual restaurants as needed.

The Purple Cafe management group is also able to leverage Squirrel's ability to seamlessly integrate with other critical business applications. Compeat Restaurant Management & Accounting Systems provides Purple Cafe with accounting and back office management software.

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