Sharp Offers a New POS Solution for QSRs

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Sharp Offers a New POS Solution for QSRs


The Sharp Electronics Corporation promises that their UP-3500 is an advanced Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that is ideal for quick serve restaurants, cafeterias or small retail stores. The UP-3500 is compact and can fit both independent and large-scale enterprises. The UP-3500 has been certified by VISA to conform to PABP standards.

The UP-3500 features a 12.1-inch diagonal LCD touch-screen display that maximizes operator efficiency and order entry, and enables dealers to program in-depth menu screens. The UP-3500 can be used in quick-serve locations to provide efficient store management and reporting solutions.

With a number of time-saving features like drive-through order taker, for one or two window operations, and fast cashier operations, the UP-3500 is designed for speed. The UP-3500 easily supports promotions and combination meals, including auto combo recognition, all while providing tighter controls over inventory and cash flow to ensure accuracy.

Utilizing embedded Flash ROM technology, the UP-3500 is designed with no moving parts to provide superior system reliability, stability and a slimmer profile, enabling it to fit in spaces that traditional POS products could not.


Robust Front and Back Office Software

The functionality of the UP-3500 can be enhanced with the addition of the optional Sharp SDW PC software. SDW is based on the industry-standard Sybase Data architecture, making it exceptionally reliable. Restaurants can use SDW to create comprehensive polls and reports, and import and export those reports to popular spreadsheet applications for analysis, and a wide range of other programming functions such as PLUs, departments, text, condiment tables, combo meals, keyboard data, employees, promotions, and many other functions right from a PC, directly to the POS, saving time and manpower.


Sharp Intelligent Data Service

The UP-3500 can also connect to the Sharp Intelligent Data Enterprise (S.I.D.E.) service, a POS reporting system that automatically uploads sales information from stores via the Sharp UP-C100 store controller to a secure web portal. S.I.D.E. is a consolidated, multi-unit reporting system for all levels of an organization that provides secure access to web-based reporting, so restaurants can quickly and closely track sales data daily without having to estimate or manage archiving. Each day, data is automatically "pushed" and backed-up to an online data warehouse, managed by Sharp. Restaurants can then quickly and easily access this information from anywhere at any time via the intuitive web portal.