Popeyes Reaches 12,000 Guests thru Facebook App Pilot Test

As a leader in the New Orleans segment of the foodservice industry, and the world's second largest quick-service chicken concept, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has been using social media tools for the past year to engage its customers, give the brand a "face," and establish a personality.
Popeyes has been incorporating social media into many of its previously successful strategies, and takes pride in utilizing new and innovative ideas to think outside-the-box. Popeyes wanted to take their social media efforts to the next level and use it as a guest relations tool to further engage current and future guests.
Presently utilizing Empathica's DriveExperience solution to drive their Guest Experience Management (GEM) survey, Popeyes recognized an advanced social media tool that would increase exposure of positive guest experiences, and link the GEM survey to current social media initiatives. The company realized the importance of recommendations from loyal guests, who are often advocates for its chicken and may help to convert those who are less frequent visitors. It made sense to find a way to get the same type of recommendations online to help increase the frequency and visibility of these delighted guests' experiences.
The GoRecommend solution
Empathica provided Popeyes with GoRecommend, a Facebook application that allows customers to positively speak on behalf of the brand. GoRecommend automatically generates positive brand impressions compiled through guest recommendations. After guests take part in an initial customer experience survey, the GoRecommend application prompts those satisfied with their experience to make an online referral through Facebook. That Popeyes recommendation is then posted on their wall and exposed to all of the recommender's Facebook friends. After making a recommendation or forwarding to friends via Facebook e-mail, the guest also receives a location-based coupon for Popeyes.
Popeyes conducted a pilot of the GoRecommend program in early August 2009, rolling it out to two franchisees (totaling 92 locations) during a period of eight to ten weeks.
Those franchisees were very pleased with the ease-of-use in implementing the program across multiple locations. Comments were made on the positive GEM results received as well as the ability for Facebook to reach multiple guests through a singular guest experience, allowing for unlimited exposure. In the short test, with only 92 of more than 1,500 domestic locations participating, Popeyes was able to reach more than 12,000 people via exposure to recommenders' Facebook friends. This was done without additional advertising dollars spent promoting the GoRecommend application or Facebook fan page.
Based on the current momentum, Popeyes recognizes GoRecommend as a strategic opportunity to reach new and existing guests and appreciates the potential opportunity to link the current guest relations management tool, the GEM survey, to social media as the test continues through the end of 2009.
Serving as the manager of guest relations with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen since 2004, Rachelle Dever is in charge of conducting ongoing analysis of customer service issues and trends, providing actionable CEM and CRM data for more than 1,800 Popeyes locations, and monitoring areas of overall operational improvement. She also works to design customer service strategies and initiatives for both corporate and franchise operators, striving to ensure the highest level of service for Popeyesââ€塬â€徢 guests. As a member of SOCAP, Rachelle has presented at numerous speaking engagements on behalf of SOCAP and Popeyes.
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