PointOS Improves Interface on POS 4.5 Release

Point-of-sale provider, PointOS, just announced the latest release of its software, known as version 4.5. With the release of version 4.5, PointOS brings clients several new features, as well as improvements on existing ones. In the latest version, PointOS users are greeted with a new set of graphics for sleeker, more modern and friendlier user interface. The new graphics are easier to read, thus likely reducing training time for new employees and managers. Beyond the improved user interface, 4.5 will also bring clients improved stability within their current operating system. Version 4.5 is the result of the dedicated work by the PointOS development team over the last four months.
The other unbeatable advantage: when new versions or upgrades are rolled out, existing clients are first in line and receive them for free. PointOS also offers free, 24/7 technical support from a U.S-based call center.

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