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Pogo Corporation's Restaurant iPhone & Blackberry Apps Boost Customer Interaction

Pogo Corporation announced that MobiDines, its innovative and revolutionary technology that enables restaurants to easily and cost effectively get their own iPhone and BlackBerry applications, is now available worldwide in several languages.

Restaurant apps developed on the MobiDines platform are customized and branded for each restaurant, providing restaurants with the functionality to interact with consumers by allowing them to order to-go items directly from their mobile phones. The solution also allows restaurants to send dynamic specials and promotions and surveys directly to restaurant customers. The applications are always free for the consumer to download and use.

Restaurants using MobiDines have taken their relationship with customers to the next level by skipping web browsers completely and placing a branded presence directly on the consumer's mobile phone.

"MobiDines gives us a previously unavailable venue to expand our interaction with customers," says Vaughan Lazar, president and co-founder of Pizza Fusion. "We're now leveraging our brand on mobile phones to increase customer interaction, awareness, and orders."

An added benefit for restaurants using MobiDines is increased efficiency and effectiveness in managing take-out orders. Since orders are sent directly to the restaurant with no phone calls, personnel can focus on tasks associated with operating the restaurant.

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