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Pizza Inn Piloting Online Ordering Program for Full Rollout

The Pizza Inn located in Goldsboro, North Carolina is piloting an online ordering program with Direct Technology Innovations' (DTI) Click to Go Online Ordering solution. The Goldsboro Pizza Inn is part of the Eastern Carolina Pizza Inn CO-OP. This online ordering program is being implemented with the intention of a complete rollout throughout the state of North Carolina.

"Our company has always taken a leadership role in spearheading innovations and embracing modern technology. By layering convenience, accessibility, and improving order accuracy, Click to Go Online Ordering brings a savvier, consistent, and more satisfied customer to Pizza Inn," says Michael Slominski, VP of sales for DTI."

DTI's new Click to Go Online Ordering solutions offers customers and restaurant merchants a new online "self-service" experience. By opening a new revenue stream into the restaurant industry with just a simple homepage menu and a mouse click, customers now have unrestricted access to order large quantities for a select time of pickup and at specific location.

Merchants love the cross-selling options. It easily expands a restaurant's capacity, increases the accuracy of orders, reduces overhead, and improves customer loyalty. "We see the simple menu setup, self-activation and flexible pricing options as a true advantage to be more competitive," says Jill Poythress Nielsen, area supervisor for Pizza Inn.
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