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Photos, Mobile and Social Combine to Increase Brand Awareness, Generate Revenues

RoamingAround has developed a solution that combines mobile technology, photography and social media to engage hotel guests and event patrons on a personal level. Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround delivers event pictures wrapped by a custom-designed picture frame to attendees’ cellphones via SMS to showcase branding and jump-start customer engagement. With one click, digital photos -- which can highlight the hotel, an association, corporation or the event itself -- can then be shared via social media, taking the event branding viral.
Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround enables hoteliers and event planner to:

Build a presence and promote their brand by marketing the company, its products and services

Use imagery to take a social media campaign viral

Connect with customers on a new, personal level

Capture information and opt-ins for engaging with customers continuously to cultivate loyalty

Generate revenue and drive traffic to in-house outlets (retail, spa, food, shows, casino) by offering coupons and offers through the MPS platform

Get involved in Cause Marketing
When event planners engage their guests with Mobile Photo Share, they are creating fun, interactive and memorable occasions that drive customer loyalty and strengthen the brand. From corporate events, holiday parties, tradeshows and conventions to weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sporting events and political campaigns, Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround is the ideal tool to collect guest data and directly market to a qualified audience.
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