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Pelican Launches Social Media Integration Tool

Pelican integrates with an innovative social-media marketing tool to encourage hotel guests to share travel experiences.
Harnessing The Force Of Social Media
Word-of-mouth recommendation is a hotels most effective--and elusive--marketing tool. Where once travelers relied on friends and family for travel advice, increasing numbers now consider the shared experiences of social-media contacts when making travel decisions.
Encouraging Guests To Share Good Experiences
Travelers love to tell friends about good travel experiences, and social media expands their circle of friends to a global audience. This innovative social media tool encourages arriving and departing guests to share, tweet, or otherwise tell the world of their experiences by making the process effortless – and offering incentives to be enjoyed or passed on to friends and social-media contacts.
Sharing Incentives
On completion of an online booking, the guest will be presented with confirmation screen that includes an option to post a message on the social network of their choice, along with an e-voucher for a room upgrade or other incentive. Departing guests will be sent an email asking for comments about their stay, again with an incentive for a future stay.
Seamless Integration
Like the Pelican booking engine, this feature seamlessly integrates into a hotel website, with all screens and emails carrying the distinctive look-and-feel of the hotel.

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