Paytronix Campaign Center Created to Measure/Improve Loyalty Campaigns

Paytronix Systems, Inc., reward program solutions provider, just unveiled the Paytronix Campaign Center, an enhancement to the Paytronix Rewards Platform that enables restaurant users to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns in five minutes or less.  A combination of campaign tools and statistics, the Paytronix Campaign Center enables users to both measure and improve the performance of their loyalty campaigns. 
Capturing data throughout the entire history of a campaign, the Paytronix Campaign Center provides snapshots into upcoming, recurring and draft campaigns. Marketers can zero in on an anniversary, birthday or any other campaign, then drill down into occurrences to see what went right or what needs to be improved. Alternatively, Campaign Center can be used to compare one or more campaigns for additional strategic insights.  Specific features include:
Graphical Lift Analysis – Enables the user to visualize the campaign’s efficacy by showing the target group’s spend or visit behavior before the campaign side-by-side with post campaign behavior.
Campaign Impact – Sections data by preferred timeframe – week, month or year – then rolls up statistics into configurable, consolidated views that tell whether or not campaigns are successful at creating incremental revenue.  Quickly view the number of visits, spend, and redemptions as well as the guests average spend per redemption.
Message Volume – Tracks the number of messages sent by message type – email, SMS, Push, and Pull.
eMail Summary – Publishes key email information including the percent open, click, and unsubscribed, plus the average number of emails sent to a subscriber during the time frame selected.
Click Rate and Open Rate by Hour - Displays open and click rates by the hour to advise marketers when the primary interaction with the campaign is occurring. Cumulative graphs sum the open and click behavior to reveal when the clicks and opens are likely complete.
Mobile Responsive – Intuitively stacks data and visuals while also providing a scroll bar for easy examination of campaign results at a time on any mobile device.
“Paytronix listens to its clients. They continually develop progressive solutions that address our need to quickly make sense of the data associated with our loyalty program,” said Sandy Nelson, Director of Marketing, Duffy’s Sports Grill. “These new features will help us gain valuable insights and allow us to monitor multiple campaigns in real time as well as benchmark for the future so we can positively impact our program.”
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