Par Technology Partners with Techknow Timers on Drive-Thru Solutions

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

ParTech, Inc. has partnered with Techknow, a multi-sensor drive-thru management solution company, to offer drive-thru timers and wireless communication systems to QSR and fast casual restaurants.

Techknow timer solutions use multiple sensors that can track the time and progress of vehicles from many different lane configurations, giving restaurant operators flexibility and access to real-time business intelligence. Combined with multiple methods of vehicle detection, a long lifespan, and ParTech’s dedicated service team, this all-in-one drive-thru package gives QSRs and fast casual restaurants a competitive edge.

Techknow’s products, enterprise operating statistics software, remote monitoring HelpDesk platform and Techknow Challenge, a real-time competitive ranking system which “gamifies” the drive-thru, are an integral component to ParTech’s comprehensive drive-thru solution.


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