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Panera Launches Digital Experience

Panera has announced its plans to launch the Panera 2.0 Experience, an enhanced customer experience powered by technology and delivered with Panera warmth.
The company released a video that was created to help associates understand their role in Panera 2.0 and the enhanced customer experience.
As an introduction, Panera 2.0 is about how customers are living in a digital future in an omni-channel world.  Developed over three years, the comprehensive Panera 2.0 model provides an integrated experience that meets the differentiated needs of To-Go, Eat-In, and Large-Order Delivery customers through new mechanisms for ordering, payment, production and, ultimately, consumption.  
Panera intends to roll out certain elements, which are being called Rapid Pick-up, for substantial completion across the system this year. The full 2.0 experience, which is depicted in the training video, will be rolled out across the system for substantial completion over the next 36 months. Once complete, Panera believes customers will recognize and appreciate a truly enhanced guest experience, powered by technology and enabled by ops excellence.
Watch the Panera 2.0 video experience here.
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