Original ChopShop Rolls Out Native Delivery

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Original ChopShop Rolls Out Native Delivery

By Anna Wolfe - 09/02/2020
Original ChopShop now delivers orders placed directly through originalchopshop.com or the new Original ChopShop Chops loyalty app.

Original ChopShop launched an internal or native delivery system to deliver orders placed directly through originalchopshop.com or the new Original ChopShop Chops loyalty app.

Owning the Digital Experience

Many restaurants rely on third-party delivery services but their fees have come under fire during the COVID-19 pandemic as restaurants struggle to remain in business. Several U.S. cities have moved to levy restrictions on third-party delivery companies

Original ChopShop, like most restaurants, has relied on third-party platforms, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates, for delivery services. When the pandemic hit, the brand set out to keep its team employed while also generating as many off-premise sales as possible. These two goals led to the implementation of an internal delivery system.

As many restaurants are shifting to off-prem due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are looking at adding in-house or native delivery.  Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) has created a Native Delivery Workgroup where restaurants can troubleshoot and share best practices. 

Now, when guests order through originalchopshop.com, their order will be delivered by an Original ChopShop team member. Guests who order directly online, no longer have to choose between great service, delivery speed or price. With the brand’s new delivery fleet, guests “Get All Three!” Compared to orders placed through third-party providers, orders placed directly through originalchopshop.com or the “Chops” App will be:

  • 25% less expensive.
  • Delivered up to 15 minutes faster.
  • Safely delivered by a trusted Original ChopShop team member.

“We saw an opportunity to control and improve the digital and delivery experience for our guests, all while avoiding third-party commission fees,” said Jason Morgan, CEO of Original ChopShop. “There’s an old adage that says, ‘between cost, speed and quality, you can only achieve two at any given time,’ but we have found a way to give our guests all three. With the recent launch of our Chops App and our new internal delivery system, we now own the entire Original ChopShop digital experience. We are also creating new jobs, which is essential given the climate of our industry. We are excited for these advancements and look forward to continuing innovation to deliver the best guest experience possible.”

Original ChopShop currently has 15 locations in Phoenix and North Texas.