Omnigo Software Introduces Sheldon, a Comprehensive Intelligence Solution to Ensure Safety at Work

Omnigo Software, a leading provider of safety management solutions designed to protect, prevent and preserve, today announced the launch of Sheldon its newest solution for thermal scanning and facial recognition. Sheldon provides an end-to-end solution to monitor, track, and report each person that enters a facility. Sheldon can be deployed to hospitals, campuses, public venues, corporate buildings, casinos, and correctional facilities, providing security teams with real-time visibility into the safety and wellbeing of employees, visitors, students, and guests.

The system employs intelligent recognition software and touchless thermal scanning that collects and stores an individual’s temperature reading and photo and sends an alert to operators for immediate response if the threshold is exceeded. This helps operators mitigate risk associated with unwanted patrons and controls the spread of infection. It scans and processes up to 30 people per minute in high-traffic areas, and provides an audit trail for facilities to help them take appropriate measures and keep potentially infected or dangerous persons from entering the property.

“The health and safety of employees and visitors is the number one priority for all clients as they face elevated risks due to COVID-19,” said Richard DeFrancisco, Omnigo Software CEO. “Sheldon’s cutting-edge technology gives employees and visitors the confidence and peace of mind they need to enter facilities safely during this trying time.”

Sheldon’s industrial-grade kiosk can be implemented in as few as ten days with no impact on existing IT infrastructure or personnel, and it delivers rapid ROI by reducing the workforce required to monitor potential threats to health and safety. “Sheldon is the only system available that provides community intelligence, analyzing all people in a physical location and providing organizations with risk mitigation and predictive maintenance,” added DeFrancisco. Working seamlessly in conjunction with Omnigo’s incident reporting and risk management platform, Sheldon can:

  • Trigger the dispatch of security personnel in the case of an incident at a facility entrance
  • Prevent incidents proactively through known person avoidance
  • Provide real-time visibility into the number of people in an area
  • Verify and report adherence to CDC, OSHA, and Department of Health requirements

Sheldon has already been successfully implemented in one of the nation’s largest auto dealer networks to provide employee and visitor temperature scanning and facial recognition as an end-to-end risk mitigation solution.

To learn more about Omnigo Software and Sheldon, please visit

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