NYC Hotel Offers Capsule Cabins, Self-Service Express Reception

Yotel, in Times Square, New York City has installed Atos’ self-service express reception kiosks. Yotel is a hotel concept inspired by luxury airline travel and Japanese capsule hotels. The rooms are called cabins, the concierge desk mission control, and the check-in and check-out happens at the automated airport style counter provided by Atos to offer a quick, easy and convenient way to check in and out.
The Yotel reservation system is fully integrated into the Atos self-service reception kiosks. When a guest checks-in at the self service desk, their details are cross referenced with the reservation system, payment details taken and a newly encrypted RFID key card is issued. On departure, guests simply insert their key card at the reception kiosk, pay the balance and leave. This speeds up the check process and helps guests get to their room with minimal waiting time.
"We want to make the arrival and departure process as simple, quick and easy as possible for our customers,” explains Nigel Buchanan, Yotel's operations director. “Self-service reception kiosks enhance our customer experience and free up our 'cabin crew' to focus on providing great customer service. The worst welcome for any hotel guest is a queue at reception and endless paperwork to fill in."
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