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Nuvola Releases Glitch Hotel Guest Management System

Nuvola, a provider of guest services management technology, announced the release of Glitch, a customer service analysis tool for hoteliers and hotel management. With hotel customer reviews and ratings increasingly become the most important reasons why customers choose one hotel over another, Nuvola’s Glitch represents the company's increased focus on developing easier methods of tracking and managing customer service issues for hoteliers.
Glitch makes it possible to manage the guest experience at luxury-to-economy hotels, and small boutique bed and breakfast establishments with a comprehensive customer feedback function specifically for high priority issues. As each incident is captured, it is identified as a “Glitch” incident. Glitches are categorized by topic and assigned individual budgets to ensure expenses are controlled as resources are used to improve guests’ complaints and general issues.
By monitoring guest complaints, hoteliers are now able to track the costs associated with each request or complaint. Any manager will access the Glitch dashboard, included in the system, which connects to real-time access to revenues and costs by department. At month end, management can more easily ensure their resources match the hotel’s budget.
Nuvola developers have tapped the organization's 10 years of experience in digital hotel customer support management to design an environment that appeals to managers and is based on principles of efficient and quality customer support endorsed by the Hotel Management Association of Miami.
In addition to an intuitive dashboard and eye-catching display, Glitch features: 
  • Notification system that separates and identifies high priority issues from daily activities to easily assign them a target resolution and budget.
  • Easy communication of incidents between hotel staff/teams.
  • A budget feature that makes it possible for guest recovery accounts to be tracked in real-time.
  • Fast response and notification via email or sms.

Glitch is the latest technology from Nuvola and joins the Angel app released last November that enables hotels to build its branding on customers’ mobile devices while meeting their needs on demand. The Angel app allows guests the power to manage their comfort and needs anytime, anywhere through the use of the hotel’s branded app available to guests through their smartphones or tablets. Whether it is ordering room service, requesting extra blankets, requesting management’s help, or something else, now hotel guests can do so easily accessing Angel app. 

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