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NRF 2015 NEWS: Toshiba to Demonstrate In-Store Digital Signage Applications

Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. (TABS) will showcase its Ellumina digital signage line in Booth No. 1543 during the National Retail Federation’s 104th Annual Convention & Expo. In collaboration with sister company, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, TABS will provide attendees with a sense of Ellumina’s primary retail applications, demonstrating its two software platforms, Virtuoso™ and Experience Manager™.

Toshiba’s Experience Manager is a customizable digital signage platform for managing networked interactive media experiences. By incorporating both live and pre-programmed content in an engaging manner, it delivers targeted content by time, location, and demographic.

Experience Manager’s cloud solution further allows for sophisticated planning, distribution and seamless management of digital content across an entire network of displays. Experience Manager enables companies to quickly change or update information at a moment’s notice depending on the weather, available stock or any other real-time factor.

Toshiba will demonstrate Experience Manager by simulating deli menu boards that feature daily lunch specials, regular menu pricing and sale items. Considering Experience Manager is particularly suited for implementation wherever people congregate such as malls, airports, sports and entertainment venues as well as grocery stores and other retail outlets, NRF Expo attendees are likely to find interest in Toshiba’s digital signage platform.

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