New Partnership Offers Global HD Programming to Guests

Hotels across North America, Europe and the Middle East can now offer their guests high definition programming due to a new partnership between Tangerine Global, a high-definition television (HDTV) programming provider, and Swisscom Hospitality Service, a broadband Internet-based services provider.

The partnership marks the launch of Swisscom's new HD video over IPTV technology system. The company, which currently provides Internet access in more than 2,000 active properties encompassing 210,000 hotel rooms in such well-known chains as Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental and Marriott, among others, is now expanding its hotel and guest room business to offer a complete set of innovative guest services over the same IP-based network infrastructure. Within its new IPTV and entertainment offering, Swisscom is tapping into content from Tangerine Global's plethora of unique, luxury oriented HD programming. Tangerine HD programming, including popular and engaging content spanning adventure, sports and travel to fashion, food and wine, will become available in selected Swisscom partner locations throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East in the third quarter of 2008.

The hospitality industry's shift to a URL-based delivery system to supply guests with the latest high definition entertainment, news and information is revolutionary. Transforming the traditional in-house television screen into a multiuse display showcase, hotel guests will be able to enjoy high definition entertainment content, news and local information, access the Internet and their e-mail, manage their hotel account and services, and even add ambient elements to their guest rooms.

Tangerine Global will be testing a variety of scenarios through its partnership with Swisscom Hospitality, a subsidiary of Switzerland's leading telecom provider, Swisscom.
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