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New App Creates a Network of Brands and Concierge Expertise on iPads

Uptown Network (previously named Hospitality Social) has announced a new consumer focused app to drive sales of mid and high tier brands. Uptown’s patent pending technology ushers in the beginning of a new type of mobile software, where an app is actually a network of brands.
Also, curated content as opposed to tags brings mobile search expertise to a new level. With more than two billion apps downloaded a month, leading brands have recognized that investments in mobile Apps have a better return than website investments. iPads are particularly of interest as they generally target affluence. Initial Project Started as a project under the name Hospitality Social that included about 20 restaurants, it quickly evolved into a group of leading brands that launched the possibility of “The Network Effect.”
More than 100,000 users have experienced the app to select wine and food pairings. In the initial project, a Personal Sommelier was delivered on an iPad that can help consumers expertly explore wine and food pairings even before they dine at a restaurant. The results were positive for large brands and independent operators alike.
With the advent of more powerful iPads, possibly the iPad 3 or iPad HD soon, this
2-year project promises to usher in a new category of mobile software. Offering real time branding and on-the-fly product availability driving major revenue increases to brands that participate in the network. 
In addition to technology breakthroughs, Uptown has also developed a proprietary system to create high quality, curated content in a very inexpensive and scalable way. In addition to network capabilities this app adds these new features:
In-venue and consumer behaviors – a singular code base can sense a consumer iPad and in-venue iPads. Consumer iPads are immediately connected to social media such Facebook and Twitter, venue websites and GPS.
Promotion through the Apple App Store – more than 2 billion apps are downloaded every month, making a mobile app strategy more important than an Internet advertising strategy. Uptown gives mid and high tier brands superior access to this exploding distribution channel.
Cloud based back-end which enables world-wide seamless updates of new brands and content.
Specialties. Cocktails, cigars, appetizers, desserts and more are easily promoted with compelling pictures, prices and descriptions.
Fast Venue Switching – the singular code base can swiftly change between brands and in-stock products under a brand based on location or GPS.
Data Tracking/Live Feed – Real-time click stream data allows participating venues to understand WHY a product was selected, not just a rear view mirror of WHAT products were selected. It is WHY and HOW as opposed to WHAT and WHEN.

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