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NCC Debuts RHQ Mobile Application

National Computer Corporation (NCC), a developer of retail and restaurant point of sale software, announced the RHQ Mobile App. The RHQ Mobile application will allow users to view, in real time, Reflections POS summary reporting on their Android or Apple devices.
An expansion of NCC’s RHQ Hybrid-Cloud Headquarters, the RHQ Mobile App provides real-time access to store-level POS sales and labor data. Users can effortlessly link one Android or Apple device to single or multiple store locations. Featuring multiple graphical reports and charts, the RHQ Mobile App enables users to view valuable sales and labor comparison data right from their Android or Apple phones or tablets.
The RHQ Mobile App is available for use to all registered users of NCC RHQ Service. To use the mobile application, users must have Reflection POS Version or higher.
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