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MURTEC Executive Summit Day 1 Recap: Dr. Bryan K. Williams’s Top Leadership Tips

Williams urges restaurant technology leaders to challenge themselves and their employees to “work like you own it.”
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Dr. Bryan K. Williams, a noted authority on service excellence and leadership effectiveness, took the stage Monday afternoon at MURTEC Executive Summit, in Charleston, delivering an inspiring keynote, “The New Leadership Essentials: Building & Sustaining Superstar Teams.”

Williams’s high-energy, interactive presentation focused on how leaders can challenge themselves and their employees to “work like you own it.” 

Highlights included:

  • The importance of challenging each member of your team to leave evidence of their personal positive impact — for example, a satisfied customer.
  • How truly engaging each customer can set your restaurant apart from those that simply transact business.
  • The benefits of focusing on your most valuable employees — those who are living your mission — to build a team of “A” players who inspire one another each day.
  • Why keeping your standards unreasonably high is good for every employee.
  • How to identify “accidental diminishes” — team members whose behavior unintentionally holds others back.
  • Why leaders must not simply manage but truly lead — by rallying a team toward a shared goal.

Attendees left this dynamic session — and headed to our opening reception! — with a set of actionable takeaways to bring back to their organizations post-conference.

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