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Mobile Web App Simplifies Wi-Fi Network Management, Security and Compliance

AirTight Networks has announced the launch of AirTight Nano, a mobile web app to simplify Wi-Fi configurations and security and compliance reporting. The company also announced a new social Wi-Fi integration option, WeChat, aimed at the Chinese Wi-Fi market.
AirTight's cloud management console was an easy-to-use HTML5 interface and a single sign-on cloud dashboard. With AirTight Nano, the company has taken the user-friendliness further, by introducing a mobile web app compatible with any smart device. Similarly, AirTight has pioneered social Wi-Fi and built-in customer analytics, and is now building on its successes by adding additional social sign-on options with WeChat.
Enterprise Wi-F functionality with consumer-level user-friendliness: AirTight Nano provides a level of simplicity unprecedented in the configuration of an enterprise access point (AP). It gives onsite personnel, with or without IT skills, the ability to customize their Wi-Fi networks right from their mobile device – even remotely, – without the need to go into the cloud console. They can get Wi-Fi up and running in minutes with enterprise-class features.
Simplified security and compliance setup: All AirTight APs come with AirTight's wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), the industry's only automated WIPS technology to deliver zero false negatives and zero false positives. Due to its behavior-based security engine, the system does not require complex site-specific configurations. This means that the steps exposed in AirTight Nano are all that's required to implement WIPS protection. Onsite staff need only schedule email delivery of security alerts and compliance reports, which can now be done directly from the app.
Reduced support burden: Onsite staff now have the autonomy to customize and secure their networks themselves – without intervention from local or remote IT resources. For managed service providers who work with multiple small businesses or franchisee operations, this greatly reduces routine level 1 support calls, saving time for critical customer issues.
AirTight is continually evolving its social Wi-Fi offering around pervasive, high interaction communities, underscoring the company's ability to move with the market. As an additional value added component to AirTight Networks' social Wi-Fi package, the WeChat integration now provides a simple interface for guest Wi-Fi users that taps into a community of 438 million members in China. 
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