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Mobile Marketing App Helps Restaurant Reward Customers for Referrals

VooDoo BBQ & Grill has chosen the Punchh Marketing Automation Platform, a cloud-based, mobile device, social media, and POS-integrated platform that rewards loyal customers for purchases, word of mouth, and referrals with points redeemable for food and merchandise.
The 16-unit chain selected Punchh for its simplicity of operation and ability to gather customer purchasing data that allows VooDoo BBQ & Grill to target market to their clientele with specific offers that lead to increased purchases and higher rewards.
Punchh’s patent-pending technology enables VooDoo BBQ to deploy a branded mobile app on customers’ iOS and Android devices. The app enables customers to accrue loyalty points by punching their own cards at their restaurants and for referring their friends. Punchh mobilizes real-time operator-customer engagement.  The Micros POS-integrated app also tallies customer purchases and referrals, and displays the earned points on customers’ mobile devices.
Through Punchh’s cloud-based POS integration, VooDoo operators can monitor the success of all marketing campaigns whether centered on loyalty, social media marketing, customer referrals, or special offers because it tracks consumer visits, spend, orders as well as their responses to offers. Since the Punchh app enables VooDoo customers to log in through the chain’s Facebook page, operators also can see customer comments and reviews made in social media channels, and which customers are referring their friends to Voodoo restaurants.
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