Mobile App Decreases Customer Order Mistakes by 90%

For more than 50 years, Master Purveyors of Bronx, New York, has been offering fresh hanging and boxed prime USDA and Certified Angus Beef products to the restaurant and hotel industry.  From porterhouse steaks to custom blended beef burgers, Master Purveyors offers a wide beef selection to its customers. Master Purveyors sells its prime steaks to the top steakhouses in Metro New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, California, Miami, Japan and Korea.
Before partnering with BlueCart, taking customer orders was time consuming and had some pain points. For instance, customers would fax over their orders which could be difficult to read or leave voicemails that could be hard to understand. When employees at Master Purveyors took orders via the phone, they had to input the information manually during the call and often found themselves having to research prior orders or product codes to ensure the customer would get the right product. This led to mistakes.
“Before being introduced to BlueCart, we looked at a variety of software packages," said Mark Solasz, vice president, Master Purveyors. "We needed help with missed codes and pricing. We could not find a solution that we wanted to implement. Many were hard to use and one would have to go back to college to learn how to use them effectively. BlueCart on the other hand is user friendly and is easy to learn how to use it immediately.”
After partnering with BlueCart, these pain points were eliminated. Now customers use its mobile app to order their products. The product codes are entered into the BlueCart platform, so the company always knows precisely what its customer needs.
"We saw a 90% decrease in mistakes such as product codes, pricing and order errors when we started using BlueCart," Solasz said.
After an order is placed on the BlueCart app, Master Purveyors' sales representatives are immediately notified. Seeing orders in real time saves time and eliminates phone calls back to the customer to confirm the appropriate order. And because sales representatives are able to check orders on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, Master Purveyors estimates its reps save at least two minutes on each order. Even delivery drivers are able to see when an order was placed and when it needs to be delivered. Plus, customers are notified when their order is delivered.
Master Purveyors is also able to communicate easily with its customers through the app. This comes in handy when announcements need to be made such as holiday closures and specials. Or when a customer has not ordered any product by the cutoff time, the company can remind them to place an order which helps with continual sales flow.
“With the use of the BlueCart sales rep app, we have more time to meet new customers and grow our business," Solasz said. "When talking with prospects we promote BlueCart as it has turned into a selling tool for us.”
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