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Millennium Hotels and Resorts Launches Digital Platform for Interactive Booking

Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) has launched a dynamic new digital platform to give savvy customers an engaging, effortless looking and booking experience. The new interactive platform transforms the online journey, empowering guests to book stays, upgrades, amenities, and out-of-hotel experiences from over 10,000 tour providers, get destination tips and manage and spend their My Millennium loyalty program earnings and status. Aspiring to offer users the slick functionality and tailored recommendations of the leading e-commerce retail sites, rather than the traditional world of hotels, puts hotels where guests spend most of their time – online and mobile.
The functionality of the new platform recognizes that today's travelers are savvy, self-sufficient and time pressed. For stays of more than one night the site blends rates to give the best price per night – whether weekday or weekend – something no other direct book hotel platform offers in this way. offers the best rates so that customers don't need to waste time shopping around. And by simply signing in to the new platform, guests will receive a 5% discount on each room reservation.
The backbone of Millennium Hotels and Resort's new digital platform is a custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) system. Rainbow, the CRM, connects the databases of each hotel for the first time, enabling greater customer engagement which in turn allows targeted communications, tailored to each guest.  
Aloysius Lee, Group CEO of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc said, "Today's guest experience journey begins a long time before an actual stay. In order to build a closer relationship with our guests, we needed first to understand them better. We therefore needed every Millennium touch point, both behind the scenes and guest-facing, working seamlessly together. To do that, we had to develop a new robust, integrated Digital Platform - both to offer guests an engaging online experience and to give our hotels a credible direct sales tool. Our new website means we can now give our guests a unique booking experience, true value, the best rates and flexibility to suit their travel needs. The new digital platform will provide a solid foundation for the evolution of MHR's brands, products and guest services over the next few years."
The new website was envisioned by MHR's London and Singapore-based e-commerce teams and co-created with Mullen Lowe Profero Singapore, Metasphere Technologies and Sceptre Hospitality Resources. The platform functionality and design is geared to making the hotel booking decision as easy and hassle free as possible. Stunning imagery, engaging and creative content combined with a beautifully delivered user experience give guests a truly immersive insight into the hotel and the destination beyond. Reflecting the strong Millennium Hotels and Resorts service ethos throughout the online experience was key while developing the new website functionality. 
Nayan Peshkar, Vice President Revenue Management & E-commerce, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, said, "This is not just a simple tech-upgrade; the investment in building this new digital platform reflects our focus on giving our guests what they want: an effortless and uncomplicated hotel search and booking experience at their desk or on the road. We have created an intelligent website where the technology is felt but not seen. Instead of looking at what our peers in the hotel sector were doing, we have created the instant commerce experience of the retail sector for hotel guests, an example of which is the personalization and recommendations offering on This guest focused technology allows us to have a meaningful and rewarding conversation with our guests."
The images selected for the site convey a story about each hotel and the distinctive local flavor of each destination. The new look of the website emphasizes a sense of place for each of the distinct hotel destinations and brands, communicating clearly with guests throughout the seamless journey from looking to booking.
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