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Miami Hotel Learns Social Media Timing is Everything

Timing is everything—even in social media posts, as EuroSuites Hotel, located in the Miami area, is quickly discovering, thanks to a social data tool from SumAll.
Offering residence-style accommodations located between the two largest shopping centers in the area, Dolphin Mall and Miami International Mall, as well as being close to the Miami International Airport, the five-year-old property was not originally very active on social media channels. It recently determined this was an oversight, and began developing the hotel’s social channels, with an emphasis on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google+. It will also soon open an Instagram profile.
In order to have more visibility into the effectiveness of its social efforts, it wanted a socially-based reporting product to help shape strategy and ensure it was making progress, according to Barbara Safina, Business Development manager at SOAR, the official agent for the EuroSuites Hotel. She admits that internally, the property did not have either the time or technology to capture detailed statistics on its social campaigns. It could see the number of “Likes” and followers and a broad trend of growth, but needed statistical analysis to determine needed context.
After considerable research, EuroSuites decided on the Insights tool from SumAll, thanks to its “clear and concise information that features actionable data on social media performance,” relayed Safina. Graphs that detail ‘Best Performing Format’ or ‘Twitter Audience Guidelines’ are simple to understand, she said, giving the company the “chance to view social activities in a whole new light.”
Insights provided both drilled-down detail, as well as an at-a-glance look at the EuroSuites Hotel social data. With this information, the property says it can see direct correlations between marketing efforts and social activity, so it can gauge what is and what isn’t working.
The most useful information it reports to have seen so far from Insights is the performance metrics that are based on the time it sends out posts. It tracks the reactions of its followers and through Insights, has found that these reactions differ based on the timing of the post. This allows it to alter its timing to best match its goals, so it can ensure that reach and audience engagement is working as best it can.
Through a single dashboard from SumAll, EuroSuites can view data and quickly see how different channels are performing. Weekly PDF Insights reports are delivered automatically.
The tool provides data on both content and the audience, so the hotel can determine the best day to post and the ideal length of content while also seeing suggestions for targeting audiences and audience quality scoring. It recognizes that this is the kind of context it simply couldn’t produce on its own. It has allowed EuroSuites to showcase different benefits of the hotel to different groups; for example, offering nearby shopping to one segment and the allure of South Beach to the next.
In terms of its social media campaign goals, of course, the property desires to reach more people and encourage them to stay at the hotel and spend money. However, its primary goal is to use social media, guided by the Insights data, to create an “amazing” online reputation due to the timeliness and relevancy of its posts, according to the company.
It also encourages follower participation and understands the considerable value of positive reviews from past visitors. To this end, it now engages with guests through social media and works to capture their experiences so they can be shared with others who might be considering a stay at the property. And this is what it views as the core power of social and purpose for using Insights – to use data to best inform and entertain people while also promoting the EuroSuites brand.
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