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mCloud Connects 10 New York Buildings in New Multi-Site Commercial Building Campaign

mCloud Technologies Corp. , a provider of asset management solutions combining IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, signed its first 10 AssetCare contracts with building operators based in New York.

The first customers from this campaign include globally recognized restaurants, automotive dealers, fitness centers, and other customers who each operate multiple locations in New York and California. The campaign is based on exclusive partnerships the company has secured with local service providers in these two states to jointly market and offer mCloud’s unique solutions using IoT and AI to drive improvements in indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

AssetCare for Connected Buildings combines a comprehensive indoor air quality solution with IoT- and AI-powered building management, which drive operational and energy efficiency improvements that help offset its cost. As with the Company’s AssetCare solutions in other segments, AssetCare delivers direct, measurable business results through the cloud under a recurring subscription model the Company calls “Results-as-a-Service.”

Because mCloud uniquely combines IoT, AI, and the cloud to drive continuous improvements 24/7, the Company is able to serve small- and medium-size commercial building operators where standard building control solutions are cost-prohibitive. The Company uses AI to provide 24/7 managed Live Operations (“LiveOps”) with every AssetCare subscription, continuously monitoring and optimizing the ventilation and air purification systems of every connected building to ensure newly defined CDC and ASHRAE standards are met in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

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