Majority of Consumers Prefer to Purchase and Reserve Hotel Services Using Mobile Devices

According to a nationwide survey from Smith Micro, 62 percent of travelers prefer to purchase or reserve hotel guest services through their mobile device, rather than face-to-face with a member of the hotel staff. Additionally, 63 percent of consumers bring tablets with them while traveling, up almost 10 percent from the same survey conducted last year by USamp and Smith Micro Software, Inc. The new survey results highlight the importance of empowering guests to purchase a variety of services via their own mobile devices to drive engagement and increase revenue-generating opportunities within the hospitality industry. 
The research polled smartphone and tablet users across the US about their current travel and mobile consumption habits and preferences. Fifty-nine percent of respondents stated they primarily travel for pleasure, and 41 percent for business. The majority of respondents spend an average of 11 to 50 nights in a hotel room every year.  In addition to an increased use of tablets on the road, survey results revealed:
The most popular mobile convenience was checking in / out of hotels using a mobile device, said 75% of respondents
70% of travelers wanted to receive special offers and discounts from local establishments on their mobile devices
47% were very likely to purchase in-room entertainment if it could be accessed via mobile, versus 41% in 2013, and 37% in 2012
More than half of travelers would choose a hotel because it offered guest services via mobile
Only 4% of travelers stated they would not utilize hospitality services via mobile
Information on Smith Micro’s solutions for the hospitality industry can be found here.
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