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Majestic Mirror, ToteVision Deliver New Mirrored Television Product

Majestic Mirror and Frame, a provider of framed and back lit mirrors for the hospitality industry, and ToteVision, a manufacturer of small screen, commercial-grade LCD TVs and monitors, today announced the two companies have partnered to deliver a new Mirrored TV solution for the hospitality market. Their new product line, available in any custom shape and size, utilizes best-in-class mirror components combined with the latest high-definition LCD TV technology, giving the hospitality industry a better Mirrored TV experience, at a very competitive price point.
Majestic's Mirrored TVs are currently available in two standard design variations: a seamless vanishing mirror and a slightly seamed vanishing mirror with reflective mirror plating. Both are customizable for any shape or size and leverage a low-profile design depth of approximately 1.5 inches. The products leverage the latest in high-definition LCD TV technology from ToteVision, which is fully integrated into Majestic Mirror's custom mirrors and frames, giving customers the flexibility to create a variety of designs, from contemporary to urban-chic. The Mirrored TV products are also easy to install — each installation takes just a few minutes — helping to significantly reduce labor costs associated with install and service.
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