Main Squeeze Juice Co. Launches Mobile App

The Main Squeeze app features contactless payment and uses geo-fencing technology for both in-store and curbside pickup options.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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The Main Squeeze app features geo-fencing technology used for both their in-store and curbside pickup options.

Main Squeeze Juice Co. – a New Orleans-based juice and smoothie bar franchise – has announced the launch of the Main Squeeze Mobile App that can be used at all 23 locations across Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.

“We are excited to launch this new app so we can help make healthy even easier and faster by reaching our customers where they already shop everyday: their phones,” said Thomas Nieto, CEO of Main Squeeze. “Customers can still get their favorite products, with any add-ins they choose, now with new and convenient contactless options for payment and pickup.”

According to HT's 2021 Restaurant Technology Study, 21% of restaurants surveyed are adding online ordering for pickup for the first time in 2021. (75% of restaurants already offer online ordering.) 

The Main Squeeze Mobile App provides customers with a faster and easier way to order. The app helps users find detailed nutrition information for every Main Squeeze product, as well as educational videos on each juice with their in-house Registered Dietitian and COO, Julie Canseco RDN.

The app features geo-fencing technology used for both their in-store and curbside pickup options.

When customers download the all-new Main Squeeze Mobile App through August 31, they will receive a free juice or smoothie of their choice. Customers will be able to find and save their favorite orders of juices, smoothies, and bowls while managing their favorite Main Squeeze location and notification preferences. Additionally, the app allows customers to use Apple Pay or save their credit card information, using encrypted tokenization, for an even faster and easier app experience.