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Maestro PMS Housekeeping App Offers Effective Guest Engagement

Maestro PMS now offers room status updates via staff handheld devices and its Maestro Front Office hotel management software. Using an integrated mobile app, room attendants can update a room's status in the hotel management software. When Maestro Front Office gets the new status it automatically texts guests that their room is ready.
Maestro PMS said it developed this capability in response to numerous client requests for a simple, effective way to engage with guests and let them know the minute their room was ready. Guests rely on handheld mobile devices more often than ever before, so to engage with guests where they communicate, Maestro PMS found it best to integrate its housekeeping app with Maestro Front Office.
“We provide Maestro’s Housekeeping App to appropriate staff,” said David Spizzo, assistant general manager and vice president of Breezy Point Resort. "It’s a great tool. On the housekeeping side, it lets our inspectors instantly update a room’s status in Maestro. When a registered guest’s room is clean, the system sends them a text saying ‘Your room is now available. Please come by the front desk to pick up your keys.’ It is a great tool to connect with guests personally to deliver something they want.” 
The property purchased inexpensive Kindle Fire tablets for on-property use by housekeeping staff. Breezy Point provides the app to managers on their own devices.
“Maestro’s Housekeeping App saves us time and lets us engage guests on their handheld," Spizzo said. "The solution adapts perfectly to small-screen smart phones, or tablets. It does a great job for Breezy Point Resort.”
Maestro’s Housekeeping App runs on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, Windows Handheld and tablets. For maximum flexibility the app can be used with hotel-provided handhelds or with a housekeeper’s own device. The app manages PMS updates such as ‘attendant in room,’ vacant/occupied, clean/dirty, or property configurable room statuses. The Housekeeping App is easy to install and use and relies on the property’s wireless network without dependence on an internet connection.
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