Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que Sees Increases in Guest Loyalty and Recovery with Cloud-Based Engagement Platform

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, an award-winning restaurant concept with 19 restaurants in California, Arizona and Nevada, has enjoyed an exceptional reputation for its savory, Southern-style food and down-home, friendly service. Yet, as the concept continues to grow, Hofman Hospitality Group, owners and operators of Lucille’s, realized the company could benefit from the ability to easily integrate and analyze guest feedback to quicken recovery and increase long-term guest loyalty.
In 2013, Southern California-based Hofman Hospitality Group turned to Pedanco, the cloud-based guest engagement and recovery platform that organizes and analyzes guest feedback across multiple channels to optimize engagement, accelerate recovery and restore guest loyalty. Pedanco, created by DevelopmentArc®, a San Diego-based web applications and consulting firm, fills a void in the industry for a solution that can easily integrate and facilitate action from guest complaints received in the restaurant as well as through emails, phone calls, surveys, tablets, social media, and restaurant websites.
Before integrating Pedanco into its internal communications system, Lucille’s had no unified method for tracking what types of issues were occurring company-wide. After implementing the Pedanco solution, Lucille’s has responded to more than 14,000 customer issues across its 19 locations and average customer response times have been reduced from one week to 24 hours, enough time to keep many customers from moving online to publicly voice complaints. Comp cards and personal mailers were mailed within three days, down from two weeks. Consequently, because they were able to pinpoint exactly how much money was being spent on comps across their districts and locations, Lucille’s eliminated several cases of customer fraud.
Additionally, Lucille’s began using real customer feedback as a tool for training and human resources.
Pedanco’s proprietary technology enables a company’s entire team to track the life of a guest complaint from submission to resolution by centralizing all actionable customer feedback into a user-friendly platform that fosters transparency and accountability among team members, who are assigned to engage and resolve the issue. The system accelerates resolution by as much as 20 percent. With a focus on productive customer engagement, Pedanco is capable of integrating other feedback systems to allow for seamless communication and guest recovery. Pedanco functions with all operating systems and can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices to allow conversation management from any location.
Among its many features, Pedanco includes tools to maintain consistency in responses between restaurant locations and team members from small operations to large chains with hundreds or thousands of locations. With Pedanco’s analytics dashboard, companies can view trends in conversations, verify that team members are responding to customers in a timely, consistent manner, and intercept breakdowns in communication before they negatively impact a client’s operations, reputation or profitability.
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