Live from NRF: Intel's Connected Store Yields Video Analytics, Next-Gen Kiosks for Foodservice

Intel Corporation unveiled its Connected Store concept, a two-story, 2,400 square-foot futuristic retail storefront equipped with the latest technology for the retail and digital signage market segments at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 100th Annual Convention & Expo. Powered by 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, previous-generation Intel Core processors and Intel Atom processors, the Connected Store featured interactive demonstrations and proof-of-concepts.
Several of the proof-of concepts feature the company’s first "visibly smart" 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family that combines visuals and 3-D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip.
Intel also announced the Intel AIM Suite, a new video analytics technology for anonymous audience measurement. Showcasing the software capabilities via demos in the Connected Store, Intel AIM Suite anonymously monitorsdigital signage viewer metrics such as age, gender and length of attention. This enables retailers and advertisers to deliver targeted content for individual viewers and track return on investment with greater accuracy. Leading brands supporting Intel AIM Suite The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is just one brand supporting the Intel AIM Suite.
Intel also showcased its next-gen quick service restaurant kiosk which is based on Intel Core i5. Digital signage displays with 3-D graphics lead the customer to the ordering zone. Customers then step up to the kiosk, enter their loyalty information, and place an order. Based on prior ordering history, the system will provide an option to re-place a previous order or make a suggestion on other menu items that they may like. This solution also features Intel vPro Technology.
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