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Live from HITEC: MSI's Self-Service POS Solution, Place Point, Expands to iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch Devices

MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.), a hospitality technology solutions provider, utilizes mobile technology to expand the delivery method and utilization of Place Point POS. Place Point provides integrated, self-service POS functionality with MSI's WinPM property management solution. Expansion to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch products allows hoteliers alternative tools to leverage point of sale functions. Having multiple solutions available on a single device reduces the hardware needed to deliver a unique guest experience.

By delivering Place Point on an iPad, hotel owners can leverage the technology to deliver multiple services on a single device. For example, the guest can utilize the self-service feature of Place Point to order breakfast then utilize the iPad to check-in to their flight. Offering news, concierge tools, entertainment and productivity solutions, wirelessly expands the iPad's usage in the hotel lobby.

MSI will be showcasing the mobile Place Point application during HITEC at booth 1129 in Orlando this week. The mobile application is currently in production and expected to be deployed in the coming months.

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