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Live from HITEC: Merchant Link, MICROS to Offer Next-Gen Credit Card Security System for OPERA PMS Users

Merchant Link, a provider of enterprise payment and security systems, today announced at HITEC 2009 that it will offer later this year TranactionVault, the company's comprehensive, hosted credit card security product and service, to users of the latest version of the MICROS OPERA property management system (PMS).

TransactionVault for OPERA PMS, available during the fourth quarter of 2009 to hotels that install or upgrade to version of MICROS OPERA, will protect hotels from credit card breaches, improve the security of their guest data, and help them more cost-effectively achieve and maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliance.

TransactionVault keys
The system replaces guest credit card numbers with unique "TransactionVault Keys" which can be used for all transactions and customer analytics, removes the actual credit card information, and safeguards it at one of Merchant Link's secure data centers.

Merchant Link has successfully implemented TransactionVault throughout the restaurant industry for more than two years, processing an average of 60 million transactions each month at more than 11,000 merchant locations.

With TransactionVault for OPERA PMS, Merchant Link has customized TransactionVault to meet the hospitality industry's unique needs, introducing the next generation of tokenization by replacing each card number with a unique key. "TransactionVault Keys" distinguish themselves from other token solutions by remaining associated with the card so they can be tracked for all guest transactions, and used for folios, customer analytics, and marketing purposes - all while safeguarding guests' actual credit card information.

The innovative TransactionVault for OPERA PMS "card to key" relationship means that  hotels within the same corporate or chain structure will receive from Merchant Link the same "key" for each guest's credit card, regardless of when, where, or how often the card is used.  
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