Le Centre Sheraton Montreal: Environmentalism Key Factor in Upgrading to RFID Locks

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel in Quebec, Canada takes a Twenty-First Century technology approach to ensure its guests with an advanced, reliable and secure guestroom door locking systems. When the property recently completely renovated all 825 of its guestrooms, it implemented KABA's ILCO 790 RFID contactless hotel locks on every hotel room door.

"Since we implemented KABA's ILCO RFID locks in March we have had no keycard issues because RFID locks always work and cannot be demagnetized; this is a big accomplishment for a 825-room hotel," says Daniel Verner, financial controller for Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel.À€"We found RFID locks are superior to the older units we replaced. Our new ILCO hotel door lock technology works every time and it eliminates the need for guests to make the journey back to the front desk for a new key."

Prior to implementing KABA's RFID door locking system, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal used mag-stripe keycards, as do most hotels. Although mag-stripe cards are the most widely used form of keycard today, they are not perfect. If the coded surface of a mag-stripe keycard is scratched, or if the key comes in contact with some types of handheld devices, they may be unable to unlock a guest's door. RFID keys, wristbands and fobs communicate with door locks and other code readers by radio signals that are not influenced by magnets.

Environmentally friendly
RFID keycards are more than guest friendly; they are also environmentally friendly. This was an important factor in the Centre Sheraton's decision to upgrade its lock system. RFID cards are more durable and can be reused many times rather than be discarded. Additionally, RFID locks are convenient because guests only have to flash their key in front of the RFID door reader or unlock their guestroom. The key does not need to be inserted.

"We wanted to promote recycling and reuse of as many keycards as possible," says Verner. "To accomplish this Le Centre Sheraton Montreal developed prominent signage requesting guests leave their keys in their rooms at check out. We have a similar message on the RFID keys themselves and have to purchase far fewer keys now." If guests should forget or miss the message to leave the key in their rooms, the property also has well-marked keycard recycle drop boxes near the hotel's front doors.

"We want to provide our guests with the most stress-free and enjoyable stay possible. KABA's innovative ILCO RFID technology allows us to do that," says Verner. "Providing self check-in kiosks also lets guests bypass long lines and gets them into their rooms quickly the first time around."

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