Konnect Solutions Debuts Contactless Order & Pay

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Konnect Solutions introduces a new mobile Contactless Order & Pay system for restaurants that leverages wireless technology that turns customers' smartphones into instant order and pay devices for use inside restaurants and in drive-thrus without the need for downloading an app, connecting to the Internet or using a web browser.

No App Required

Konnect's Contactless Order & Pay system allows any customer with a smartphone to select the restaurant's local Wi-Fi Wireless Access Point provided by Konnect and instantly view menu and pricing information with no further user action required.  Customers can place orders on their smartphone that are passed directly to the restaurant's Point-of-Sale (POS) system and either pay on their phone or use the restaurant's other available payment options.

Restaurant menu and pricing information can be updated online in real-time by restaurant operators via the Konnect cloud. The Konnect cloud remembers each visitor and their order at each restaurant location in a restaurant chain without collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) so restaurateurs can create a personalized mobile experience at every visit, including promoting Limited Time Offers (LTOs). Returning customers are automatically connected to the Wireless Access Point, and prior orders can be instantly displayed on the customers' smartphone so they can choose to reorder, modify a previous order or create a new order.

Konnect's Contactless Order & Pay solution can be easily implemented without altering a restaurant's existing order process. With the installation of a single Konnect Wireless Access Point and integration with their POS system, restaurateurs can enable customers to begin ordering and paying right away.

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