Kona Poké Announces 100% No-Contact Food Prep Guarantee

Florida-based fast-casual brand said it can ensure the health and safety of all Its customers thanks to its pre-shift employee screening, routine hand sanitizing & hand protection.

Fast-casual, fresh food concept Kona Poké is going above and beyond to certify the health and safety of its customers. Effective immediately, Kona Poké’s restaurants in Lake Mary and Sanford, Florida, are providing a 100% No-Contact Food Prep Guarantee for all curbside pickup and delivery orders. 

From prep to packaging, the 100% no-contact guarantee consists of pre-shift employee screening, routine hand sterilization, hand protection with fresh gloves for each order, no-contact food prep, no-contact food assembly and a no-contact guarantee employee sign-off.  

“Our teams are working tirelessly to go above and beyond to keep our customers safe.  From food prep to packaging, we want our customers to order with confidence.  In these extremely challenging times with the increasing threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are making every possible effort to ensure the safety and health of our customers and to continue providing our healthy and delicious food,” said Kona Poké Owners Matthew Ting and Ernie Falco III.

Kona Poké made a video that shows its 100% no-contact food prep guarantee in action here and on Youtube:


To help ensure a safe workplace for its workforce and to give customers more peace of mind, pre-shift temperature checks were added.

Before adding the screenings, Kona Poké Owners Matthew Ting and Ernie Falco III spoke with employees.  “We said, ‘Hey, look guys. We want to protect you and make sure everyone is ok and is not sick, and we want to make sure customers know we take every step possible to ensure the safety of their food,’” Falco said in an interview with HT. “They understand. Everyone is cooperating.”

With the exception of the pre-shift employee temperature screening, the procedures were already in place.

At Kona Poke, bags are stapled shut, which is usually a no-no, Falco admits. “Everything is in a sealed container in that bag.” So there’s no chance the staple could fall off into the food.

Kona Poké is currently offering curbside pickup, in-house delivery and delivery through third-party delivery services – all with the 100% no-contact food prep guarantee.


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