Kingkey Palace Hotel Strikes Right Balance of Security and Ease-of-Use with Locking Technology

The Kingkey Palace Hotel in Shenzhen, China has recently completed the installation of VingCard's standalone electronic locking solution, Classic by VingCard. A city of amusement parks and the hub for China's eight famous cuisines, Shenzhen is a popular tourist attraction. With its guest-friendly process, Classic by VingCard satisfies the demands of even the most demanding traveler.
"Our property needed a reliable, user-friendly locking solution that could be used by our diverse guests," says Huaxing Chen, purchasing manager of the Kingkey Palace Hotel. "The Classic lock provided the highest level of security while employing a system that proved simple and convenient for guests."
Classic by VingCard employs cutting-edge technology to offer a unique design for user-friendly guest interaction. The system utilizes a high quality brass escutcheon reinforced by a steel plate and solid brass handles to provide unsurpassed security to hotels. The system also uses a unique life safety cylinder, a recordable emergency overdrive, and a "panic release" deadbolt activated by a single action of the inner handle.
"With Classic by VingCard, our staff can easily maintain total control of the property and the needs of our guests," says Chen. "The ability to recode locks from outside the room and new 'flash' technology that allows us to reprogram or update locks without replacing expensive hardware, has changed the way our hotel operates."
The standalone electronic lock is controlled by software existing in the individual lock and activated by cards coded in the issuing computer. Since the cylinder is recoded from the outside of the lock, the key cards can be recoded without disturbing guests at the property. Built with a full mortise ANSI or EURO lock case, with a security latch and strong deadbolt, the Classic lock has been tested in more than 1.2 million openings.

Future cell phone compatibility

Additionally, by installing Classic by VingCard, The Kingkey Palace Hotel will have the option to easily and cost-effectively upgrade their Classic locks in the future to employ contactless technology as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) cell phone compatibility. With Classic RFID by VingCard, existing VingCard customers don't need to replace their current locks entirely; instead, only the end cap and card reader needs to be changed. The three-step upgrade requires hoteliers to 1) remove the outside Classic by VingCard escutcheon, 2) replace the end-cap with the new Classic RFID by VingCard module, and 3) enjoy the benefits of contactless RFID.
Classic RFID is a secure open-platform system compatible with the three leading RFID ISO standards (ISO 14443A/MiFare, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693) and also the Near Field Communication (NFC) transaction platform for cell phones, therefore eliminating the guesswork for hoteliers in choosing the right technology standard.
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