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Kebaya Concept Restaurant Uses QikServe to Power Tablet-Based Ordering at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

QikServe, a multi-channel order and payment specialist, announced that its mobile ordering technology has been rolled out at the new Kebaya Asian Brasserie in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Kebaya is owned and operated by HMSHost International, a world player in the food and hospitality industry, with almost 50 years' experience in airport restaurant operations, design, concept and development.
Kebaya combines technology with high quality dining to offer guests a completely new experience. When guests enter the restaurant, they can browse the menu at touch-screen kiosks and, when they sit down at their tables, guests can choose to make their selection using Samsung tablets. Powered by QikServe, the ordering application running on the tablets was custom developed for HMSHost International.
In the restaurant’s first weeks of business, the QikServe system has handled the vast majority of orders placed by customers, with more than 95% placed via the tablet-based system. The digital system streamlines the conventional process of dining as orders travel directly to the kitchen, which takes the pressure off waiting staff at peak times.
"The key is to reach travelers at the right moment in the airport, when their time is limited," said Marlijn van Straaten, director marketing and communications, HMSHost International. "Our digital strategy is to enable a truly omni-channel experience and reach our guests on all available touch points. This technology allows us to respond to these touch points and to address the increasing relevance that mobile devices now have in daily life. By taking away potential barriers, we want to make ordering as easy as possible for our guests.”
QikServe allows hospitality businesses to build multi-channel ordering and payment solutions into their existing applications, and Kebaya’s point of sale system has been built using the QikServe ordering platform at its core.
Key elements of the Kebaya ordering system include:
  • Store branding, menu navigation and full product lists clearly displayed on interactive screens and tablets.
  • Full integration with Oracle Micros Hospitality’s Point of Sales (POS) systems, kitchen screens and Integration Platform.
  • Real-time stock depletion and reporting.
  • Guests dining together can each use a tablet or share a tablet linking back to the same table and check.
  • Guests can see their orders appear in front of the chefs in real-time.
  • Support for multiple languages
Moving forward, guests will also be able to order and pay using their own mobile devices.

“At Kebaya we have aimed to raise the guest experience to new heights and we are delighted to see that customers have wholeheartedly adopted our new approach to ordering,” said Walter Seib, CEO, HMSHost International. “The feedback we have received from both guests and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, and the QikServe-based ordering has been a pleasure to work with, allowing us to seamlessly build the ordering component into our point of sale system.”
QikServe’s patented technology lets guests order and pay for their food and drinks directly from mobile devices, tablets, kiosks and web sites, helping improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase average order size. In recent months, the company has introduced new developments designed to help increase the flexibility and integration of the technology for the hospitality industry. The product’s multi-language capability is particularly relevant for operators in airport environments like Kebaya.

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