JoyRun Announces National Expansion of Delivery Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

JoyRun, a community-powered delivery platform,  is making its social delivery solution and free mobile app available to every community nationwide due to the unprecedented demand for affordable and timely delivery of items such as food, groceries and medical supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local businesses everywhere can sign up to join JoyRun here and gain unlimited use of the platform with zero fees or commissions until May 31, 2020.

The announcement today follows extensive usage of JoyRun throughout the past year in college and military communities, and San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods.

Unlike traditional, expensive on-demand delivery solutions, where the cost of delivery is often comparable to the cost of the food, JoyRun mobilizes the power of neighbors and friends to help each other with last-mile deliveries. As a result, JoyRun eliminates high delivery fees for consumers, and frees small, local businesses struggling to turn a profit from paying high commissions to delivery services. With today’s limited store hours, social distancing and lack of dine-in options, JoyRun is extending its community-powered, low-cost solution nationwide to help more people in more communities get the things they urgently need.

“In these trying times, small businesses need all the takeout and delivery business they can get,” said Oussama Manna, Owner of SOMA Eats Restaurant Group. “With its naturally social and cost effective solution, JoyRun has unlocked previously inaccessible communities to us.”

JoyRun connects people in a given geographical region through a social feed, which matches buyers with people in the community making runs to local eateries, coffee shops, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Buyers can easily view, pay, and track their order, and can chat with others about potential JoyRuns. Runners can choose to charge a small delivery fee per buyer, or do it for free, as a good deed for their community.

JoyRun features, such as integrated chat-rooms, payments via credit card, and instructions for contactless delivery, allow community-powered delivery during these times of social-distancing.

JoyRun recommends that Runners doing deliveries follow CDC guidelines such as leaving delivery items on the doorstep, shopping at grocery stores during off-peak hours, and maintaining six feet of distance from non-household members.


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