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InterContinental Property Standardizes Guest Request Histories

Hearing from guests who have stayed at the InterContinental San Juan Resort & Casino in years past is a common experience for the concierge team at the luxurious hotel on Isla Verde. When one guest called chef concierge Jossell Louie Velázquez recently and asked if he could track down the name of the restaurant where she dined during her previous visit several years ago, it took him just seconds to find out. How? The guest's original request was stored in GoConcierge, the Web-based system used then and now to track all guest requests at the resort. The guest was "shocked" that he could access the information so quickly, Velázquez says.

Being able to easily log and track requests is the norm thanks to GoConcierge's Guest Task Calendar. GoConcierge, the lodging industry's leading guest service operations system, is produced by Los Angeles-based The software's color coded system makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. Ease of use is incredibly important at the busy resort where, Velázquez says, the "phone never ceases to ring."

"We used to have a log book that every concierge used," explains Velázquez, a Les Clefs d'Or member. "Items were sometimes overlooked. Everybody had their own system for tracking tasks. It was very inconsistent. Thanks to GoConcierge, we have been able to standardize our task tracking system. As an information tool it is easy to use and accessible. It enables us to provide better service. It helps guarantee that a task will be completed. For communicating between departments, it is a great tool."

Multiple departments use GoConcierge
GoConcierge is used by the four concierges who work at the resort's one concierge station. It is also used by spa associates, security and PBX personnel. At the full-service spa, the system is used to log and track reservations. Security staff use GoConcierge to track incoming and outgoing packages and also for lost and found items. The resort's PBX operators also have access to GoConcierge for entering guest requests during off hours or busy periods.

Because a history of each guest's request is stored in GoConcierge, it is easy to generate itineraries. These can be printed or e-mailed in a matter of seconds along with a personalized confirmation letter on stationery that includes the resort's logo. Point-to-point directions and maps can also be generated easily. A customized location database within GoConcierge enables associates to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. "Hot buttons" on the GoConcierge screen link to frequently used websites—Google, local attractions, or Open Table, for example.

"Our guests are impressed by how quickly we can respond to their requests," Velázquez says.

Nearly five years after first using GoConcierge, Velázquez remains a strong proponent of the system.

"It guarantees that the level of service is to the guest's expectations and is a constant reminder of every internal or external request," he says.
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