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InterContinental Hotels Reduces Electric Costs with Optimization

Two InterContinental hotels in San Francisco: the InterContinental Mark Hopkins in Nob Hill, and the InterContinental San Francisco in SoMa, have deployed energy optimization from Stem that combines cloud analytics and intelligent energy storage to reduce commercial electricity costs.
Stem's solution leverages the company's proprietary combination of big data, predictive analytics and energy storage to effectively "hybridize" the hotels by intelligently switching between battery power and grid power to reduce energy costs. Stem's Energy Optimization service provides energy savings without requiring any change in customer behavior or operations. The Stem solution offers a automatic, real-time decision making engine that dynamically stores energy from the electricity grid and discharges energy into business operations to create maximum energy savings for customers.

The technology demonstration systems are powered by Stem's cloud-software and advanced power electronics working together to operate CODA Energy's lithium-ion battery core. The Core is the same battery chemistry and technology used in CODA's all-electric vehicles.   
Stem's system runs on large amounts of data, including historical weather information and industry vertical usage patterns.  Customers like Hobbs benefit from Stem's rich data and unparalleled insights into past, present, and future energy use that can be used to guide critical real-time operational decisions.     
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