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Rethinking the Kitchen & Optimizing Investments

Efficient and advanced kitchen systems help restaurants meet objectives and solve for top challenges

Smart Kitchens Seek Smart Investments

Efficient kitchens require intelligent resources to streamline operations and improve service

Monitoring and responding to customers on social media is key to brand success, and could offer companies detailed data and actionable insights for growth

Hospitality operators bring analytics to bear on guest wireless access.

Executives and consultants offer insights into how to overcome and avoid project management pitfalls.

Experts offer advice on how best to leverage this fast advancing tool.

Businesses in all industries have come to realize that their data in their most valuable asset. In a roundtable with HT, subject matter experts offer insight into how hotels and restaurants can harness that data to gain a competitive edge. The panel talks about how to push for better collaboration, how data can be used to set business strategy, and common misconceptions about data. Input comes from Choice Hotels, Church’s Chicken, Oberweiss Dairy, and Adjuvi Consulting.

The passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought with it tangible workforce management issues. As new mandates and regulations force operators to focus on tracking, reporting, and proactive scheduling, technology companies are offering more robust systems to help manage the added responsibilities.

It's no mystery that in the hospitality industry, having a reliable staff that provides excellent customer service is essential for success. With payroll and benefits often being one of largest expenses for a hotel or restaurant, operators want to make sure that they are getting a good return on human resource investments. Here are five ways that a workforce management system can help owners and operators make effective staffing decisions while keeping costs under control.

Proper pricing and distribution is a daily and hourly concern for hotels. Revenue managers discuss the latest technologies they are utilizing to increase visibility and drive value to their properties.  

Hotel and restaurant companies are chipping away at mountains of data for quantifiable returns in profit and loyalty. The ability of technology systems to understand the volume, variety and velocity of information available has reached a fever pitch as operators seek ways to differentiate themselves, increase sales, improve efficiency and save money.

Smart kitchen software is revolutionizing the way many restaurants do business. The latest solutions help to streamline front- to back-of-house operations while reducing costs and labor.

With healthcare reform looming, restaurant operators are finding that workforce management solutions can help them prepare for the changes that could impact operations and the bottom line.

As more consumers begin to rely on smartphones for even the most ordinary daily tasks, companies across all industries are looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented through mobile apps. This allows brands to interact with their customers, and in many cases, offer more convenience and options than a website.

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