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Tech Updates Pave the Way for Growth for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, The Brass Tap

Next on FSC Franchise Co. to-do list: updated internal reporting.  
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FSC Franchise Co.,  the parent company Beef ‘O’ Brady’s restaurant chain and bar concept The Brass Tap, is planning to open 22 locations in 2023.

Behind the scenes, FSC Franchise Co.  has streamlined and updated its technology in recent years.

COO Scott SirLouis was brought on to help corporate and franchise stores to ditch disparate systems and standardize the POS across both brands.  And during the pandemic, FSC was among the companies leaning into digital ordering, curbside, mobile apps and loyalty.  Last year, the brand added a new back-office system. 

71% of respondents say using data to understand guest preferences and behavior is a top business driver impacting POS upgrade decisions, according to HT’s2 2023 POS Software Trends Report.

“’23 is about leveraging those tools now that they’re in place, and being able to get actionable insights out of the back-office system for our operators and franchisees to build margins,” SirLouis said.

A Holistic View

The goal is to have a holistic view of each location’s performance –based on guest reviews and feedback, employee feedback, and financials, and then “draw conclusions and get lines between the various metrics to help franchisees understand where they might be able to focus to grow their business even more,” SirLouis said.

Upgraded internal reporting systems is really a key focus for this year and probably in the next year as well,” he added.

For 2023, the franchisor has major plans in the works for both subsidiary brands. Between the two concepts, FSC Franchise Co. hopes to sign 35 deals.

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