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Inncom Unveils Room Mgmt System with 3D Real-Time Monitoring

INNCOM's INNcontrol 3 solution provides hotel engineering teams with real-time monitoring of HVAC and temperature satisfaction, and creates alarms for any units that are not operating properly. The system can also monitor humidity levels in each room and uses the existing HVAC equipment to lower humidity levels to a comfortable setting. The system even monitors guestroom network connections and reports non-communicating rooms.
Staff will be able to diagnose discrepancies by individual room (or floor) through a variety of room status indicators, such as 'Target Room Temperature,' 'Measured Room Temperature' and even 'Occupancy.' These indicators appear in different colors which indicate the aging of the displayed condition and enable the engineering staff to prioritize what decisions can be made and acted on. Now engineering staff can interact with computer graphics by selecting a color-coded room on the display and begin to identify exactly what is happening in that room with HVAC, lighting and more. The display can rotate or stop and can be manipulated to show any area of the facility.
System communication
INNcontrol 3 software communicates with INNCOM in-room intelligent devices, such as the e4 Smart Digital Thermostat and a variety of light switches, drape and shade controllers and other communication devices. It also communicates with other hotel server-based systems, such as the property-management system, building-automation systems, central electronic-locking systems and work order systems. It can even report which in-room devices have low battery levels; which rooms have constant occupancy; which rooms have problems with network connectivity; and which are not communicating properly with the hotel PMS and other systems. It also tracks and reports equipment run time which helps in a property's preventive maintenance processes as well as tracking the energy savings being achieved.
The system's server and workstation applications can run on a PC on Windows 7, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server. It can also support multiple PC terminals within the property, and extends over the internet to external users through a TCP/IP network.
Benefits of the INNCOM INNcontrol 3 system include:
  • Peak performance assurance; catastrophic equipment damage avoidance, such as frozen compressors.
  • Automation of monitoring and reporting of alarms and events; optimization of the investment made in a room automation system by ensuring peak performance.
  • Support of timely maintenance scheduling, prolonging equipment life and avoiding premature failures.
  • Display of energy savings month-by-month
  • Reduction of compensation paid for satisfaction guarantees by alerting staff to HVAC problems.
  • Minimization of revenue loss from rooms out of service due to HVAC problems.
  • Prevention of lost rental revenue with audit trail of rooms that are occupied for extended periods without being rented.
The solution will be on display at HITEC, June 21-23 at the Austin (Texas) Convention Center in Booth 101.
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