Infrared Sensors Help Westin Resort & Spa Whistler to Save Energy, Improve Guest Privacy

The Westin Resort & Spa Whistler is continuing their quest to become one of Whistler’s most sustainable properties with the recent addition of new environmentally sustainable operations and programs. Evident in almost every part of its operations, the 419 suite resort has recently invested heavily in energy efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances, a hybrid guest shuttle, a comprehensive carbon footprint program and a Sempa hybrid boiler system. The newest addition to their environmental portfolio is a state-of-the-art occupancy sensor system that automates heating and cooling systems to optimize energy usage in every suite.
The Westin Resort & Spa has installed Energex sensors, greatly increasing the green options for guests during their stay. The infrared-based technology can detect the presence of a guest in a suite, and when vacant, automatically adjust the temperature to a more moderate, energy-efficient level. A centralized building automation system also allows real time control of the temperature of every suite simultaneously to conserve energy during periods of lower occupancy.  The system is expected to reduce the property’s carbon footprint by more than 54 tons of greenhouse gasses annually.
“This makes an important addition to our conservation strategy,” says hotel manager Bryce Beatty. “We’re very excited to have this project complete and to measure the positive impact it has.”
Suite service
The sensors go even further in helping improve the guest experience for visitors to the resort. Housekeeping and engineering staff can detect when a suite is occupied before having to knock. Service to a suite can be discretely scheduled without ever disturbing a guest. In addition to enhancing guest privacy, the system also aids in guest safety by providing important information to expedite a building evacuation.
The Westin Resort & Spa maintains comprehensive green standards throughout all operations and has received a four green key rating for environmental stewardship by the Hotel Association of Canada. The hotel has in place a full paper, cardboard, glass and beverage container recycling program. Water saving toilets and faucets can be found in all guest rooms. Gently used linens, soap bars and toiletries are donated to charity. Energy efficient light bulbs are utilized in public areas, exit signage and many areas of the hotel are on timers to save energy.  Through the Carbon Neutral program, guests can decline housekeeping service for stays over one night to conserve laundry, energy and cleaning chemicals, and in return carbon-offset credits are purchased on their behalf.
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