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IDeaS Revenue Solutions Announces Affordable Pricing System for Limited-Service Hotels

IDeaS Revenue Solutions has announced the IDeaS Pricing System (PS), a solution for hotels and groups seeking revenue growth in their budget, economy or midscale properties. IDeaS PS offers effective pricing in an intuitive and affordable package. 

IDeaS PS enables hotel managers to more accurately forecast occupancy, quickly set daily room rates, and ultimately make more competitive pricing decisions for their hotels. The system’s simplified approach, intuitive design, and powerful functionality minimize the amount of training and interaction needed to learn and operate the system. In just a few clicks, users can upload pricing decisions to all necessary distribution channels.

Customers of IDeaS PS will benefit from the following:
An immediate revenue lift due to the system’s advanced analytics and increased market insight.
Usable by busy general managers - The system enables GMs or other hotel staff to make efficient revenue management decisions without interrupting regular responsibilities.
Increased time and energy for enhancing guest satisfaction through reduced time and energy spent manually collecting, entering and analyzing market data.
High impact initiative - IDeaS’ proven analytics, award-winning client support, rapid implementation through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and minimal upfront costs delivers high value and little risk.
Enhanced brand value proposition - Limited-service brands can offer simplified pricing capability to current and prospective hotel owners.

IDeaS is now offering the IDeaS Pricing System in controlled release for a limited number of charter clients and plans to make the system available in the second half of 2012.   

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