Ibis Hotel Installs Intelligent Thermostats to Reduce Energy Use

EcoSmart by Telkonet said it completed a three-year phased installation of its EcoInsight intelligent thermostats at the Ibis Hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The thermostats, which feature Recovery Time technology, help to better manage air conditioning in guestrooms. They are installed in each of the property’s 480 guest rooms to help reduce wasted energy usage in unoccupied rooms.
The Ibis Hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai, was completed in three years in three phases, allowing the property to reinvest energy savings achieved from one phase into the next, utilizing cost savings generated from day one. The EcoInsight installed in each room has several built-in sensors, which trigger a temperature adjustment every time a room is determined to be empty. EcoSmart’s patented Recovery Time technology calculates how far the temperature can drift and still return to the guest’s set-point within the property-determined Recovery Time. Thus, property owners/operators see a reduction in air conditioning runtimes.
“The EcoInsight intelligent thermostats are not only being well received by guests, they are providing significant operational cost savings,” said Zahid Butt, director of engineering, Ibis Hotel in Al Barsha. “Energy consumption at our property has decreased and we are very pleased with the results.”
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